Peter Alkema

Peter helps lead digital transformation at FirstRand, the biggest financial services group in Africa. In 2020 he completed his PhD at Wits University and developed a ground-breaking theory of Agile teams. In 2016 he was awarded Visionary CIO of the year by ITWeb and Gartner. His first book has sold over 10,000 copies and his course has been completed by over 10,000 people. He is passionate about helping you be smarter. Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

How to start your Agile adoption journey

We’re adopting Agile and I’m learning some valuable leadership lessons. Most IT leaders are somewhat cynical about new fads, whether they are gadgets, methods, operating systems or new coffee machines. Maybe it’s an intellectual version of Moore’s law at work or just “there is nothing new under the sun.” Having spent over a decade using …

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