Peter Alkema

Peter helps lead digital transformation at FirstRand, the biggest financial services group in Africa. In 2020 he completed his PhD at Wits University and developed a ground-breaking theory of Agile teams. In 2016 he was awarded Visionary CIO of the year by ITWeb and Gartner. His first book has sold over 10,000 copies and his course has been completed by over 10,000 people. He is passionate about helping you be smarter. Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Renewed ambition for Google in enterprise cloud market

Based on its partner network investment, skills demand, new strategy and growing overall market, Google Cloud is still a viable competitor in the enterprise cloud market. The enterprise cloud market is dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, but Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is hoping to make it a three-horse race in …

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How To Develop An Effective Business Strategy

“I found this exceptionally valuable.” – Gerhard (Group Executive), talking about Dr Robertson’s StratMap© and StratSnap© tools and methods for developing effective strategy. Combined with a well run strategic workshop, these tools and methods will help your organisation get alignment and achieve the transformation you need. What is the value of an actionable strategic plan, …

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Hope Is Not A Strategy: Goal Setting For Life Success

“I never complete anything … I lack motivation for years now”, this was a chat comment from someone in our recent Goal Setting webinar when I interviewed Life Coach and Industrial Psychologist Michelle Stewart. We discussed the Wheel Of Life and SMARTER frameworks for goal setting and achievement. You can learn these techniques and develop …

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Top “Power Skills” For 2022

Unprecedented disruption, increasing expectations and the so-called Great Resignation have led to a massive skills gap in the workplace. Firms need to prioritise skills and cultures of learning to retain top talent and ensure their employees are future-fit. Udemy’s 2022 Workplace Learning Trends Report provides valuable insight into high-demand “power skills” in areas like communication, …

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Strategic Planning Post-COVID

The COVID pandemic and lockdowns around the world caused widespread disruption in numerous industries. Management teams have scrambled to find new strategies for growth and survival while workers struggled with lost income and blurred boundaries. In my article Coronavirus and the Zoom Boom I argued this was also an acceleration of digital transformation, something that …

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Learning Culture: How To Create One In Your Workplace

The world has changed more in the last 10 years than it has in the last 60 years. Entire industries have been turned upside down, especially by something called digital disruption. You must help your organisation adapt through creating a culture of learning. It starts with you, your team, your department and the whole environment …

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