Peter Alkema

Peter helps lead digital transformation at FirstRand, the biggest financial services group in Africa. In 2020 he completed his PhD at Wits University and developed a ground-breaking theory of Agile teams. In 2016 he was awarded Visionary CIO of the year by ITWeb and Gartner. His first book has sold over 10,000 copies and his course has been completed by over 10,000 people. He is passionate about helping you be smarter. Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

CFA: Your International Finance Passport

From Shanghai to New York, asset managers recognise a single, international finance qualification above all else: the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst. The CFA program has three levels and is a postgraduate certification for investment and financial professionals. There are ten topic areas in the curriculum; ethics, quantitative methods, economics, financial statement analysis, corporate finance or …

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Pandemics & Wars: There’s an app for that

In the early days of the Ukraine invasion, IT enthusiasts on quadbikes helped prevent a colossal 65km Russian tank convoy from reaching Ukraine’s capital. Armed with drones and night-vision goggles they ambushed the tanks and supply points during a series of night raids. Blocked by wreckage and paralysed by fuel shortages, 15,000 soldiers and heavy …

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Learn The Number 1 Programming Language

Python is easy to learn, very powerful and it supports fast growing niches like data science and machine learning. Terence Govender from Regenesys Business School explained in our recent Data Science webinar that Python syntax is also very close to English. It’s also widely used for AI applications and web development, for example Youtube, Instagram, …

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Weaponised Data: Ukraine & Banks In The Frontline

Cyber security at Bank Of America has unlimited budget to keep their customer’s data safe. The CEO knows you can’t put a price on public trust so they spend what they need on technology, training and resourcing. Financial Services companies invest heavily in cyber security; the industry is hacked a staggering 300 times more than …

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Unlock Value From Data With Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to act like humans, because they are able to improve their behaviour as they encounter more data. Computers “learn” to make decisions and predictions without being directly programmed to do so; with the right tech and skills in place this can transform your business. …

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Learn Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a very popular, human-centred process for solving problems and designing solutions. Global companies are turning to Design Thinking to completely re-invent their products and services, especially as these firms take advantage of new technologies in digital transformation. Although iterative in nature, it has 5 primary stages: Empathy, Define, Ideation, Prototyping & Testing. …

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Digital Marketing: Talent, Interviews & Ethics

In a recent Student Success Coach webinar I interviewed expert digital marketer and serial entrepreneur Salil Dhawan. We spoke about how digital has changed the face of marketing from broad based campaigns to highly targeted messages on social media which rely on data from cookies and pixels. Knowledge of social media platforms is crucial for …

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