Real world banking IT experience, cool tech and talent development; it’s all happening at FNB’s 2016 Grad Programme.

“moveForward(100);” was President Obama’s simple machine instruction at the 2014 Hour of Code event which also made him the first US President to write a line of code. Computer science education officially became mainstream (again) and he reminded the world that building tech always starts with a knowledge of code. Companies need cool tech, so they need the software engineers that can build it; but really moving your career forward is more than churning out software. [paragraph 1 of 5]

The muddy fields of large organisations require IT professionals in various roles who can work in teams, think clearly and solve business problems. I’ve written previously about choosing the right role and what skills you need to succeed as programmer, project manager, analyst and tester. Banks can buy decent software “off the shelf”, but really great software comes from these roles working together inside the bank, for the bank. [2/5]

The FNB Graduate Programme is the ideal training ground for entry level IT professionals to start tackling these business problems and notching up real world banking experience. FNB HR programmer Tim Gibbons credits this opportunity with his success today and advises current grads, “work as hard as possible and take the difficult challenges that others shy away from”. One of those challenges was FNB’s annual codefest where 250 coders built 42 apps in 24 hours. [3/5]

Banking remains an exciting and challenging industry but the drive for innovation has never been more intense; consider the real e-race and its disruption of other industries. Maintaining a competitive advantage requires awesome tech and the people that build it; take every opportunity to get on the cutting edge in a working environment that truly values you. FNB offers all of this and more, non-traditional coding education, an innovative banking ecosystem, world class digital channels and a truly empowering, helpful culture. [4/5]

Your talent is your ticket to the game, but success is about getting runs on the board as a successful IT professional. The FNB Grad Programme puts you on the field but its up to you to make the most of it. Looking back on his time as an FNB grad, Tim agrees, “Thank you for the opportunity, I am extremely grateful [for the grad programme] as I may not be where I am today [without it]”; Tim made the most of the FNB Grad Programme, Tim is smart, be like Tim. [5/5]

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