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Jhan Burger’s Analyst Secrets (CFA) is a community of financial analysts looking for support, skills and encouragement to get through CFA exams and learn more about CFA concepts. Goal achievement is always easier with community support and Jhan’s team are here to help you at any stage of your CFA journey; Level 1, 2 and 3. Community experts post regular CFA study tips, advice, polls and updates and the team is always on standby if you have specific questions.

Join the Analyst Secrets (CFA) community and achieve your goals

I interviewed Jhan about this new community in a webinar recently and he explained all the value that CFA students can get from joining up. He’s been teaching CFA for more than 15 years and explained that CFA is the “gold standard” in the finance industry. From Shanghai to New York, it’s a widely accepted qualification that will open doors for international opportunities and career prospects in the world’s biggest financial organisations.

Many of Jhan’s students talk about how his teaching helped them pass. Like India Steele at Blackstone; “Jhan was a brilliant tutor, he taught me the CFA Level 2 curriculum via the Kaplan classes (in person and then when we got moved to virtual format) and he was able to make complex or large areas of the curriculum easy to understand and retain. His tips/revision techniques definitely helped in my exam success – I will be back to Jhan for Level 3!”

As part of the community you will also have discounted and free access to Jhan’s latest online courses which cover a range of the CFA topic areas in Level 1 and 2. These courses include video lessons of Jhan’s widely acclaimed teaching that has already benefitted hundreds of CFA students around the world. The lessons are bite-sized, you can do them at your own pace and they include key takeaway worksheets and workbooks to supplement your core curriculum.

Some of the Level 1 courses already available: Ethics & Conduct, Quantitative Methods, EconomicsFinancial Statement Analysis, Portfolio Management and Derivatives. There’s a brand new course where Jhan introduces you to CFA Level 2 and gets you thinking and planning about how to tackle it based on the hardest and most important parts of the curriculum.

Best of all, if you’ve got through your CFA, this community is your opportunity to give back and help others on their journey. Post your tips and tricks so we can all learn from your experience and success. With all these benefits and top class training to help you achieve your CFA goals, what are you waiting for?

Join our Analyst Secrets (CFA) community and ensure your CFA success … today!

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