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Do you want to be a published author? Learn step by step and screen by screen how to publish your own work in the biggest online book store in the world.  In this course you will learn how to publish a Kindle ebook on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

Ann went through this course and gave a 5-star review: “I put out on ebook on Amazon for the first time and used Peter’s course as part of my education on how to do it. I found his course useful and I did in fact get my ebook out there.”

You should already have some content ready for your book, preferably some blog posts, a course transcript or perhaps you already have a manuscript that you’ve been working on and just need to know how to get it published by yourself. If you put in the time and effort, and follow the steps then you will have a Kindle ebook live on Amazon in 5 days time – guaranteed.

Enrol Now: Publish On Kindle In 5 Days: Beginners Guide – Amazon Kindle

I have published 8 Kindle ebooks on Amazon. Some have got to number 1 on the free bestseller lists and in the course I show you exactly how to get yours published and promoted. On Day 1 we will set up your KDP account and ebook details. Plus you will burn your boats with friends so that you are committed to this 5 day ebook launch plan. On Day 2 we will get your manuscript into shape. You do need to have a manuscript ready or sufficient existing content and I’ll help you convert whatever you have into a manuscript.

On Day 3 we will load your manuscript and design your ebook cover. You can also use the KDP platform to preview exactly how your ebook will show up on kindle readers. On Day 4 we will load pricing for your ebook and sort out other aspects like lending and royalties as well as which territories you want your ebook to be available. On Day 5 we publish your Kindle ebook and you become a published author! I’ll also give you some tips to promote your ebook and make sure that you have a successful launch.

Enrol Now: Publish On Kindle In 5 Days: Beginners Guide – Amazon Kindle

This is the course I wish I had when I first started. Just make sure you have the time available in the next 5 days plus existing content or manuscript and I guarantee we will make you a published author. Obviously you can’t write a book from scratch in 5 days, so you do need to have some content ready to re-organise and layout into the ebook template, which I will show you. This process is not about perfecting your writing or about re-drafting entire chapters, its about taking what you’ve got, putting it into the Kindle format on Amazon and getting it out there as quickly as possible.

What you learn from doing this and the confidence you gain, will then improve your confidence as an author and you will get better and better the more books you put out there. Then you can look forward to being a best seller; but you have to start somewhere.

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