How To Develop An Effective Business Strategy

“I found this exceptionally valuable.” – Gerhard (Group Executive), talking about Dr Robertson’s StratMap© and StratSnap© tools and methods for developing effective strategy. Combined with a well run strategic workshop, these tools and methods will help your organisation get alignment and achieve the transformation you need.

What is the value of an actionable strategic plan, effectively executed? What percentage increase in revenue/market share/EBITDA do you want to achieve over 3 years? What value would you attach to a method, training and tools that enabled you to achieve this?

Digital disruption and the 4th industrial revolution and have turned entire industries upside down. Small and new organisations with clever technology can deliver customer value quicker and cheaper than large organisations. Developing the right strategy continues to be the key to unlocking true value for your customer and delivering sustainable shareholder returns. But this can only be achieved with effective application of strategic principles and structured thinking that is based on proven methodologies.

First, you will need a Strategic Map of your organisation so that you can understand all the components of the landscape. Develop this using the StratMap© tool so that you have a disciplined way of harvesting, tracking and analysing information. As you work towards your strategic workshop, you will also use this tool to get alignment and elicit information using the right focus questions in executive interviews.

Then in the workshop itself you will develop Strategic Snap Shots in the StratSnap© tool which provide different views and insights about the components of your strategic map. You can these use these snapshots to do strategic gap analysis, forecasting, action planning and strategic implementation. You’ll aim to do as many SnapShots of your organisation as possible during the workshop which generates rich data to feed into further tools for gap analysis and implementation.

Dr James Robertson and I have packaged these strategic methods and tools into an online course which is currently free enrolment. You’ll get a structured learning path through a range of micro-lessons that teach you strategic planning principles, demonstrate the tools and even help you communicate and facilitate better if your strategy workshop is virtual.

Click here to learn more and find out why Dr Robertson’s clients have said things like:

“James, you really know what strategy is, and what work you have to do, to do it.” – Michael Utvich (Automotive Industry Strategy Consultant)

“Your process has been quite amazing. And as everybody has said, your approach and your tools have actually assisted us to arrive at this point in time so quickly.” – Tina (Group Managing Director)

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