Hope Is Not A Strategy: Goal Setting For Life Success

“I never complete anything … I lack motivation for years now”, this was a chat comment from someone in our recent Goal Setting webinar when I interviewed Life Coach and Industrial Psychologist Michelle Stewart.

We discussed the Wheel Of Life and SMARTER frameworks for goal setting and achievement. You can learn these techniques and develop your life goals as an assignment in our online course. Michelle coached our frustrated audience member in the live session and we also provided free access to the course for him to learn the methods and hopefully overcome his demotivation.

The Wheel Of Life system ensures you map out all the key areas of possible goals so that you have a big picture view to properly prioritise where you want to focus. In the course Michelle also coaches me on developing a clear goal, by understanding where I am now and where I want to get to. Visualising the levels you need to move from A to B in your Wheel Of Life can be literally life changing as you take back control of your limited resources, energy and time.

In the course you will use this methodology to map out your goals in 3 areas of your life. You will clearly understand what’s holding you back and what it’s going to take to get you to the next level. The SMARTER system then provides a structured way of managing these goals so that you have the confidence to achieve them and get the success you are looking for in your life. I apply this system to my goal which is to complete the Sanic2C mountain bike race in a few months.

“A” is for action and this where most people struggle; Michelle teaches how daily habits and baby steps will help you make incremental, but vitally important progress on your journey to goal achievement. One of our audience asked if we should keep changing goals based on reality and stumbling blocks. Michelle used the “E” for Evaluate to explain what balance you are looking for in getting this right. “R” is for Reward and for me this is intrinsically the satisfaction I will gain when crossing the finishing line of my bike race (and getting the T-shirt!)

An important context for goal setting is the disruption we have all faced through the pandemic and lockdowns over the last couple of years. As a new normal emerges for our work, life and studies, Michelle reminded us to stay positive and look for the opportunities these changes provide. She is positive about how we will emerge from this period but emphasised the importance of taking action to move towards well defined goals with a proper method of achieving them.

Another audience member reminded us in the chat; “Hope is not a strategy …. HUSTLE is!!! Agree, we are going to get out of this pandemic, wiser & smarter!!” Wise words indeed, and coupled with proper training and new skills, Michelle and I certainly agree.

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