How To Publish An eBook On Amazon

Are you an author trying to get your work published? Or perhaps you are trying to build credibility for your brand by getting your content out to a wider audience?

Did you know it’s quick and easy to get published in the biggest online book store. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform has enabled thousands of authors to get their work published. Plus they’ve earned revenue.

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I’ve self-published 6 ebooks in the Amazon Kindle store and every time its been a thrill. Some of them have made it into the bestseller lists. The image below was my ranking for the book “The Other Side Of Done” in which I teach you how to beat procrastination using the powerful Burn Your Boats method and KanBan for workflow visualisation.

My woodworking book has sold 10,000 copies and was published by Penguin Random House in 2014 so I understand both publishing models. In this course I break down the self-publishing process and help you get it done in 5 days flat.

Feel the incredible thrill of seeing your book as an Amazon Kindle title and available to millions of Kindle readers worldwide. If you have an existing manuscript, set of blog articles or suitable content that you can organise into a book format then you can become a published author in 5 days. I have published 6 Kindle eBooks and this is the course I wish I had when I first started.

In this course I give you an overview of everything you need to know and they I take you step by step, screen by screen through a structured 5 day process to get published. I coach you on the right mindset to have and even get you to “burn your boats” so you are accountable to someone you trust in order to stay focused and get the job done.

If you’ve been trying to get a book published then you should go through this course to see how easy it is to self-publish. Why let your incredible work stay hidden for more months or years in the hope that it will get published? Amazon has digitised and democratised the book market with their exponential business model that can help you, as an author reach millions of potential readers.

Join me in this course as I teach you step by step and screen by screen to take your existing content and publish it in the biggest online book store >> click here now and become a published author (faster and easier than you think)

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  1. Hi Peter, I don’t have a Kindle and have no plans to get one, as I much prefer reading ‘real’ printed-on-paper books. Would I be able to successfully complete your course and publish on Amazon without a Kindle? My book is ready to publish, but I still need to create the front cover.

    1. hi Les, I’ve emailed you in more detail but the answer is Yes you can publish on Kindle without owning one. this is exactly my situation as I explain in the course. I look forward to seeing your book on amazon!!

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