Beat Procrastination With These 2 Practices


It’s a word that everyone wants to hear. Especially your boss, your spouse, your study supervisor.

It’s a word you wish you said more often. If you could just get focused and stop procrastinating.

Burn Your Boats and Kanban can be combined to help you master your time and your tasks. Many of my students find it hard to stay motivated and get through their work. This is partly because COVID has blurred the lines that we previously relied on …

Are we working at home or living at work?

Burn Your Boats is about committing to someone that you will get specific tasks done. It doesn’t have to be a massive project. To finish my PHD I sent my supervisors an email every Sunday night committing to tasks during the coming week. Task by task, week by week I eventually finished my PHD.

Kanban is a way of visualising workflow and seeing tasks move from a to-do list to in-progress and then done. These are 3 columns that I teach my students to set up next to their workspace as part of their Kanban board. Once they have decided which tasks are in the in-progress column for the day then they Burn Their Boats to get those done.

It really works!

Learn more about how to beat procrastination and master your time and tasks:

  1. My course is available here >> Beat Procrastination Today
  2. My ebook is available here >> The Other Side Of Done

You will also hear directly from my students about how they have successfully applied these principles to radically change their study patterns and get control over their day again. We all have the same 24 hours per day and more successful people will be those who can maximise the use of their time.

Many people have similar issues and this material will provide you with practical, step by step techniques.

Your mind will play tricks on you to get out of doing work and you need to take back control so that you regain your momentum and become more successful.

Lerato and Remonah are students in our community who both achieved their goals using the techniques in this book. I coached them using exactly what you will learn plus you will see exactly what they did and what happened in their own, real life stories.

Both their stories unfold in our student Facebook group which I relay in the book and the course.

This is how they start:

Remonah, “Today I’m burning my boats by committing to do 3 units of my Law of Evidence module by midnight tonight.”

Lerato, ”So I decided to make a simple Kanban board and it has turned out to be one of my greatest tools!”

Learn the principles I explained to them and see how they put them into practice to achieve success in their studies. These techniques also work equally well in the workplace; I also tell my own story of how I burnt my boats to deliver a large project that was overdue.

Enrol in my course or download my book today. Or do both!

  1. My course is available here >> Beat Procrastination Today
  2. My ebook is available here >> The Other Side Of Done

Just get it DONE.

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