Launch A Podcast In 5 Days

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast? Do you have an existing brand and would like to add a podcast so that you increase credibility and grow your audience?

Possibly the courses are too long and involved which makes you feel like you can’t get through it ….. OR the videos you can find deal with just one aspect and don’t give you the whole picture and the full process

In this course I will take you step by step through setting up and launching your first podcast. This course is for people who love podcasts but are beginners in audio production.

Learn how to set up your podcast in Anchor.FM, plan your episodes, record and produce and lastly launch and promote.

Perhaps you already have a YouTube channel and a website for your brand and you’ve always thought that podcasts require more advanced skills and experience.

In this course you will see exactly how a podcast can be as easy as any other free and easy digital channel, as long as you have the right tools and someone to show you exactly what to do.

Or perhaps you see podcasts as a way of launching into a new audience and starting your journey of building a brand and getting your message across. Even if you have a well established brand and some experience in audio production then you will still learn something in this course.

I started my own podcast 2 years ago and developed the tips and techniques that you will learn in this course. I believe the most important thing is to get something going, which you can always improve later on. This course will get you up and running with a podcast in literally 5 days, or you can take a full refund.

In this course you will learn how to

  • Set Up Your Podcast In Anchor.FM
  • Establish Podcast Goals, the Category &
  • Make sure you Get It Done By Burning Your Boats
  • Plan Your Podcast Format & Frequency
  • Set Up Title, Art, Description & your Public Site
  • Script Or Jot Down Talking Points For Your First 3 Podcast Episodes
  • Script An Intro Which You Will Record And Add To All Episodes
  • Record The Episodes
  • Record Your Trailer Episode
  • Record Intro, Solo & Interview episodes  then Combine & Edit Audio
  • Add Titles, Descriptions, Schedule Episodes, Update Your Plans & Promote
  • Find Your Podcast On Spotify; Listen & Share Your podcast Links, Update Your Plan

You will learn and apply all these steps in this course but when I look back on my podcast journey I’ve learnt 2 things very clearly which I want to teach you right now

Number 1: the most important thing was to get going and I’m so glad I didn’t delay – and I want you to have the same benefit – just get going and your learning and ongoing improvement will be much great than if you keep putting it off in the hope of starting perfectly

Number 2: I wish I had been able to learn from a course like this one. This course is the simple blueprint I wish I had when I was thinking about starting. I didn’t need the advanced and complex tools, I wanted to get started quickly but I wasn’t clear on exactly what I needed to do – now that I have started and figured it all out, with this course you will have all that absolutely clearly laid out for you.

So …. 5 days … are you up for it? I’m here to help you get it done and if you set the time aside to do this course properly and complete the actions each day then I guarantee you will have a podcast up and running in 5 days.

You have nothing to lose, but you could gain a whole podcast and a new platform to get your message out and grow your brand: in just 5 days you could be a podcaster.

There’s a section for each of the 5 days and a checklist so that you keep track of exactly what you need to do on each day.

The only tools you will need is a computer and you will need to set up a free account on the website

You won’t need any audio editing tools and all the lessons include demonstrations.

Actually there is no excuse – easy and free tools, clear and simple explanations, checklist to monitor your progress and in just 5 days you could have achieved your goal!

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