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Do you want to communicate better and have more impact? Are you overwhelmed by all the ways we communicate? Do you feel your voice gets lost in a noisy world?

The world today is completely dependent on how we communicate. But …. with fake news and overflowing inboxes and too many Whatsapp groups …. we are also flooded with information.

To succeed you need to cut through this noise to get the relevant information for yourself, but you also need to get your message out to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Check out our brand new communications course, we teach you how to use email better, how to present to a group and in public, how to use messaging apps like Whatsapp and online meeting platforms like Teams & Zoom.

PLUS we teach you how to communicate verbally, in writing and images. You’ll also learn three principles of communication: story telling, brevity and clarity

You will also learn how to engage more meaningfully with your boss and co-workers, how to get heard in meetings and how to use social media more effectively.

In our family lives, work and studies we are constantly engaging with other people. Communicating well really matters and just because other people are lazy with their communication its no excuse for you!

This course is mainly geared towards workplace communications at an earlier stage of your career but the principles and practices are useful for everyone. This course is for you if you need the tools and skills to communicate in the right way.

Email – no matter how well you clear your inbox, it keeps filling up again. We tend to manage communication within emails in the same way we perceive our inboxes – a necessary drudge – but what if you could write better emails and get your message across in other people’s inboxes? I’ll teach you tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way

Online meetings – since 2020 we’ve all become zoom zombies, endless back to back online meetings. Our efficiency has also increased and our daily interaction will always have an online component. How can you conduct yourself better in online meetings? How can you present better, get your message across and continue to build credibility.

Group communications – you are probably part of many different teams. From the class whatsapp group or your study syndicate to the deadlines you and your project team are facing at work, you will have to communicate as part of a team. I’ll teach you what I’ve learned about communicating as part of a team.

Social communications – I gave a talk at a school recently about digital citizenship. All families are grappling with kid’s exposure to the digital world. We’ve all had a love hate relationship with social media – there are clear benefits but also dangers. How do we use communication tools better, I’ll take you through what I’ve learnt.

Mass communications – I’ve run many events in my career and managed large scale communications. Product launches, celebrations, training and general awareness. I’ve also worked with event managers and I’ll teach you the tricks I’ve learned along the way to help you get your message out to a wide audience.

Verbal communicating – how can you speak to be heard, what are practical tips you can learn, phrases you can say and words you can use to get heard and speak out with confidence and conviction!

Check out our brand new communications course today!!

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