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I love companies that started in a garage, such as Adobe, which is the unrivalled standard for digital creative software. The world’s 57th most valuable company was also named after a stream, Adobe Creek, which ran behind its founder John Warnock’s house, from where he started it in 1982.

Pushing this startup quickly into profitability in its very first year, Steve Jobs tried to buy it outright but had to settle for 19% of the company, paying a whopping 5x multiple of the valuation for his share.

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Fascinated by typographical design, Jobs was so taken with Adobe’s PostScript file format that he paid in advance for a 5 year license. PostScript became the first truly international standard for computer printing and vector images, which are created with mathematical formulas, not pixels.

Adobe has an impressive 12 million paid subscribers to its bundled product suite, Creative Cloud, and 25,000 employees who enjoy working for one of Fortune’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For. Over 90% of the world’s creative professionals use Photoshop, its flagship image editing software and in career paths such as design, animation, and video editing, Adobe remains the unrivalled benchmark.

Other Adobe products include Illustrator, which is a vector-based illustration software and Premiere Pro which is one of the most popular video editing platforms for amateurs and professionals alike.

If you want to boost your career with digital creative skills or get into the high paying creative industry, you need to invest in the Adobe suite. But even with the best tools, you still need the skills and advice to use them well and achieve your goals. You won’t care how successful the company is if you don’t know the tips and tricks to unlock the powerful features of its products.

Figuring out the hot Adobe tips and the best way to teach them is what has made Mike Lanesman so successful. His 20+ years of teaching Adobe has helped thousands of creative students master the best digital creative tools in the world. Plus he’s a professional photographer, an Adobe Accredited Instructor and an authorised Adobe Training Provider.

Mike recently launched a brand new community called Learn Adobe With Mike Lanesman and he plans to roll out a range of online courses for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Join Mike and his team in our brand new community and you too can achieve your creative goals with the world’s best digital creative software.

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