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$100 million; that’s what Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once estimated bad hires had cost the company. $1 Billion; that’s what the Barings Bank collapse cost – also due to failed leadership and the wrong talent. Conservative estimates put the average cost of a bad hire at 30% of the first full year earnings. For executives that number more than triples and can reach 2.5x salary.

These costs don’t include the impact on culture, opportunities lost and disastrous wake of failed leadership, which lasts long after your bad hiring decision has handed in their access card. According to Next Gen Exec Search, the cost of failed executive hires is due to a poor talent acquisition process.

This is something that board member and Oxford-educated Robert Hutchinson-Keip is deeply passionate about. He believes you need a new approach for interviewing senior candidates that helps you win the war for executive talent. In his new, 5-star rated online course you will learn about using drivers for candidate assessment and analysis. Tools like advanced CV analysis and how to look for patterns, signals and how to recognise and handle “niggles”.

Rob also teaches you how to structure your interview, how to take better notes, manage distractions and even assess the candidate’s questions. You might be a senior executive responsible for hiring the best person into a role, or you could be a senior recruiter or human resources leader assisting in sourcing, interviewing and assessing senior candidates.

Learn from Rob’s 30 years of recruiting experience, during which he was once responsible for the mass hiring of over 100 chartered accountants. He’s developed these techniques and studied firsthand how well his hand-picked talent has done in the various large organisations he has helped to lead in his distinguished career; “There’s a clear correlation between the interview process, candidate assessment and the quality of talent coming through the door as well as their impact and benefits for the firm.”

According to Rob, a well run interview process also means the candidate is better positioned to make the right choice for their long term success, which has a mutual, compound benefit for firm and individual. Learn Rob’s executive talent acquisition process today; you will also learn about system 2 thinking, the racket model, life scripts and psychometric testing.

In the course Rob also teaches a case study on the Barings Bank collapse and how advanced talent acquisition could have prevented it. Rob shares his extensive experience through well structured lessons and detailed insights, plus he shares anecdotes and examples that bring it to life and make it real.

Win the war for executive talent with a tried and trusted approach; Learn Executive Recruitment: Guide To Interviewing Senior Talent 

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