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Design Thinking is a very popular, human-centred process for solving problems and designing solutions. Global companies are turning to Design Thinking to completely re-invent their products and services, especially as these firms take advantage of new technologies in digital transformation. Although iterative in nature, it has 5 primary stages: Empathy, Define, Ideation, Prototyping & Testing.

With the incredible pace of highly advanced, new user interfaces, customer experience is driving business success. Design Thinking will help you create solutions that uses empathy, ideation and prototyping to truly understand your customer’s needs. Using Design Thinking you will have a set of tools, processes and frameworks that you can apply to create solutions that truly understand your customer’s needs.

Learn Design Thinking in our latest online course: Complete Guide To Design Thinking

There’s also a fast growing design thinking job market and an accelerating demand for the type of skills you will develop when you learn Design Thinking. It’s one of the hottest new skills in numerous global industries as firms drive customer centric thinking to the heart of their business. Design Thinking can help you forge a new career path and is especially lucrative for people who have a background in customer service and want to move more into product design and work with developers and designers to gain new skills.

Our latest course is a Complete Guide To Design Thinking and provides 16 hours of detailed training, plus there is a 100 page workbook and individual worksheets for each lesson. You will learn about the right design thinking mindsets, as well as empathy techniques, user journey frameworks, brainstorming techniques, stakeholder analysis, mind-mapping, prototyping, business modelling as well as implementation and planning.

The course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about design thinking. It will help you explore its concepts, techniques, processes to solve problems and use the Design thinking tools to drive innovations in your organisation to channelize critical factors of success and failures. Enrol today and put yourself on a successful path to Design Thinking success.

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