Unlock Value From Data With Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to act like humans, because they are able to improve their behaviour as they encounter more data. Computers “learn” to make decisions and predictions without being directly programmed to do so; with the right tech and skills in place this can transform your business.

The more data the machine is given to learn from, the better these decisions and predictions become. This is based on a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or problem-solving operations called algorithms.

Machine Learning is an integral part of many computer systems, organisations and platforms. It’s also an incredibly good career path and machine learning skills are in high demand, especially as organisations race to take advantage of big data.

Accelerate your machine learning journey today with the right skills from our new course: Machine Learning in Python

It’s also not a skill that is confined to the technology or analytics community in your organisation. Machine learning skills are increasingly required in product, logistics, marketing and customer related functions – business people need to understand how it works. This branch of artificial intelligence continues to drive improvements across organisations and the race to competitiveness is also a race for skills.

As data becomes more integrated and standardised across your organisation, successful Machine Learning algorithms will require input from a wider range of functions. Make sure you have the machine learning skills in all areas of your business in order to unlock value from as much data as possible.

Our latest course provides a comprehensive introduction to Machine Learning; it starts with a foundational understanding of statistics and probability as well as an introduction to machine learning, then you will learn the machine learning process, different types of machine learning and then we get into the algorithms and a machine learning model building platform

Python is a commonly used Machine learning language, we will teach you the basics of python, and its libraries for statictical analysis as well as data visualisation and data management. Harnessing insights and building models that make improved predictions with machine learning requires effective pre-processing, processing and visualisation of data; all of which you will learn.

Machine Learning in Python: Learn model building, evaluation, algorithms, machine learning concepts, data science PLUS Python coding and libraries

Plus there’s a 234 page Machine Learning workbook as well as 35 quizzes for students to test their knowledge throughout their learning path in the course. Don’t squander the gold mine of data you already have – you need the right skills to get the powerful insights that will transform your business.

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