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Python is easy to learn, very powerful and it supports fast growing niches like data science and machine learning. Terence Govender from Regenesys Business School explained in our recent Data Science webinar that Python syntax is also very close to English.

It’s also widely used for AI applications and web development, for example Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox and Pinterest all rely on Python for their websites. Python is also supported by libraries like NumPy, PyTorch (Facebook), TensorFlow (Google), Keras, and Pandas.

Learn: Python For Beginners – includes more than 10 student practice projects such as facial recognition and text to speech

If you are looking to learn a language that is widely used and highly versatile then Python is a great choice. Or if you know Python then you should keep building your skills, consolidate what you have learnt, take it to the next level and get some practice projects.

Our new course will help you learn the basics, take your skills to the next level and give you some practice projects. You’ll start off with the basics of coding and an introduction to Python as well as how to set up your environment. Then we go into different expressions, functions, object oriented programming as well as exception handling.

There’s a whole section on data processing and data visualization with python. Then we teach you 10 different projects so that you put your Python skills into action by following along and doing your own work. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn Python and get going with useful, practical coding projects.

Your lead instructor in the course is Laika Satish, she is an IBM certified data scientist with 9 years experience as a training facilitator. She’s worked as a software engineer in banking in India and internationally. Laika is also an award winning student coach who has taught people from different backgrounds across the world.

Join us and learn the most popular programming language in the world!

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