Weaponised Data: Ukraine & Banks In The Frontline

Cyber security at Bank Of America has unlimited budget to keep their customer’s data safe. The CEO knows you can’t put a price on public trust so they spend what they need on technology, training and resourcing. Financial Services companies invest heavily in cyber security; the industry is hacked a staggering 300 times more than other industries.  Every day, world class cyber security systems and experts are defending your data and my data from hundreds of thousands of attempts to breach their perimeter.

 Data can be weaponised for any reason. Even the war in Ukraine is being fought in the data centre.

In March 2022, 4 terabytes of data was hacked from South African credit bureau TransUnion. The compromised data contained the personal information of 54 million consumers. However the extortion demand from criminal hacking group N4aughtysecTU was not paid and customers were assured that sufficient measures had been taken to avoid further damage. Incentives for hackers are increasingly monetary, but the value of data is increasing so much that access to it, and the systems that use it, can have much bigger influence and implications.

Even the war in Ukraine is being fought in the data centre; Russia tried to jam Elon Musk’s Starlink systems after he had sent internet kits to the country to help them stay online during the invasion. The Pentagon was even impressed by how quickly Musk’s engineers were able to resist the hacking and jamming attempts.

A counter-cyber-attack was even launched on Russia by Anonymous. In other news, Russia State broadcaster RT was unavailable due to its systems being “offline”.

But cyber security is not just the frontline of engineers and data centres; it’s everyone’s responsibility because hackers look for any weakness to exploit. You need to make sure you, your team, and your employees learn the key concepts of cyber security so that you can guard against these attacks and prevent a catastrophic loss of important data. If you don’t invest in training everyone about cyber security measures they can take then, they are likely to leave the front door open; and hackers just walk right in.

Our latest course provides comprehensive cyber security awareness training; learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, the types of attacks against your organization, cyber crime and the law of cybersecurity. Plus the security measures you can implement in your organization and even key elements of networks. Understand more about digital signatures, viruses, email and SMS spoofing, digital forensics, firewalls, cryptography, DDOS attacks, SQL injection and how password attacks actually take place on systems and devices.

Ask any victim of hacking whether they wish they had done more. Whether it’s a war zone or a bank, data can be weaponised – learn more about cyber security; it’s your best defense.


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