Learning Culture: How To Create One In Your Workplace

The world has changed more in the last 10 years than it has in the last 60 years. Entire industries have been turned upside down, especially by something called digital disruption.

You must help your organisation adapt through creating a culture of learning. It starts with you, your team, your department and the whole environment that you influence.

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The future has truly arrived and its up to you keep your organisation at the forefront of your industry. Do that by creating a culture of learning.

The skills that got you and your team to where you are today are not the skills that will get you to your future self, and your team to the next level of high performance.

A Deloitte research report found that 70% of CEOs feel their organisations don’t have the skills to adapt to disruptive technologies.

The gap can only be closed by increasing demand and behaviour that values learning, which can only be achieved through a culture of learning.

Achieve this by doing the following:

  1. Start with your mindset. As a manager, responsible for company culture, do you truly believe that you need new skills and that you need to create a culture of learning?
  2. Look at recruiting. As a manager you will have input and discretion to staffing up your team. As you bring in new resources, make sure you hire people who already have a learning mindset.
  3. Create a culture of learning in your team with regular practices like lunch time learning. Culture is not about the vision on the wall or the impressive strategy you have, it’s the sum total of everything that everyone does in the organisation every day – so to influence culture you have to influence daily, individual behaviour.
  4. Learn about different types of training – methods that are available for teams to get the skills they need. This will give you the confidence and knowledge to set up the right training strategies.
  5. There are also formal practices of developing a learning culture: getting budget and approvals, cost saving metrics of training, and how to include training plans in individual career discussions

All these techniques and more are covered in more detail in my course >> Create A Culture Of Learning In Your Workplace

In this course you will learn how to be a manager, coach or team member that drives learning as a highly valued organisational practice. If you are a learning and development specialist, this course will help you support managers to implement best practices in their teams.

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