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It’s an imperative in our digital and connected world that you get ahead by learning business writing: the communication process, writing practices, communication failures, how to read an audience and types of writing

According to Forbes, writing is the most important skill that you need to be successful in business. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business or just want to get ahead in your career, you need practical and professional business writing skills. Different types of documents, audiences and expected styles of writing can become overwhelming, especially if English is not your first language.

In a post COVID world, the written word has become even more critical, and more of a reason for communication failures. Lockdowns and remote working have seen a surge in online meetings and a surprisingly large amount of this digital audiovisual interaction contains the written word. Whether it’s the chat box in the online meeting, the bullet points and title of your slides or the minutes you need to write-up from the meeting.

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Clear and concise writing that understands and improves the communication process between two people is a gamechanger in a time-starved world. Mark Twain famously said, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time”.  If you don’t have the time to write clearly and concisely, people certainly won’t have the time to read your lazy writing; you and your message will get left behind.

Today’s workplace also has a myriad of different forms of business correspondence; each of them have a different intent, audience and style of writing. The English languge itself also confounds this complexity with its own set of inexplicable rules and exceptions. It’s the global language for communication, but it’s a complex and illogical language that has evolved over centuries with numerous easily confused words.

Fortunately you can learn to write better, improve your English and master the various types of business correspondence. Our new Professional Business Writing Masterclass teaches you all this and more. Enrol today and learn the 7 C’s of good writing, the communciation process, barriers to good communication, important English grammar as well as different types of letters and business presentations.

You’ll get a 77 page workbook with all the reference material, 6 hours of 145 engaging lessons plus you will introduce yourself to everyone so you can share your goals. This is the only business writing course you will need.

Once you enrol with us, you will have lifetime access to the course as well as all the updates, announcements and new video lessons we will continue adding so that you continue to master business writing.

Better writing and improved communication will change your life, boost your career and accelerate your business success. In this fast moving, digital and connected world, avoid getting left behind – join us and stay ahead with the most important business skill: writing.

Enrol today in our new Professional Business Writing Masterclass and learn all this and more.

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