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Regenesys Business School is thrilled to announce that its online course offering is expanding its services by launching on Udemy. Digital Regenesys already has a range of successful online courses such as design thinking and artificial intelligence which have proved extremely popular with its current audience. The first course to launch on Udemy is the Professional Business Writing Masterclass which provides over 6 hours of expert training on writing and business correspondence.

These courses are fresh new learning content and are being launched on Udemy as an additional channel for the business school to expand its offering. Regenesys is a private business school with campuses in South Africa, Mumbai and Lagos. Udemy is the world’s largest online learning platform which hosts 80,000 self-paced courses with 40m students across 180 countries and 65 languages.

Regenesys boasts a range of accredited postgraduate diplomas, as well as master’s and doctoral programmes for advancing leadership and management skills. Regenesys also accredited by and registered with several education and/or training authorities, including the Council on Higher Education (CHE), the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Financial Services Board (FSB).

Regenesys students will benefit from new and refreshed online learning content on Udemy that supplements existing programmes with critical new skills for the post COVID world. Self-paced, online courses have grown exponentially in the last 5 years, especially as lockdowns around the world accelerated the use of digital learning platforms such as Udemy.

Through this initiative, the Udemy marketplace will gain access to the high-quality teaching content that has made Regenesys one of the top private business schools in the Southern Hemisphere. Regenesys is well positioned to provide internationally acclaimed learning content and the synergies between content and platform will be extremely beneficial to the whole learning market.

Marko Saravanja, founder and chairperson of Regenesys Business School, “As a premier, independent business school, we are constantly expanding and growing our services. This opportunity will enable us to bring our expert faculty onto this international platform and further expand the reach of Digital Regenesys.”

Udemy listed on the Nasdaq in 2021 and reported 84% year on year revenue growth in the business segment of their market. According to CEO Greg Coccario, Udemy Business is seeing “increasing demand for upskilling and reskilling in workplaces around the world … and Udemy is well-positioned to provide the critical skills people need to succeed in today’s workplace.”

With an established track record in corporate learning, Regenesys will provide valuable content onto the platform, especially as it looks to meet renewed demand for “Power Skills” such as leadership, management, productivity and collaboration. The Great Resignation is also highlighting significant skills gaps as progressive business leaders look to the right learning content and platforms for their workforces.

Digital Regenesys provides cutting edge digital programmes that empower students with much needed skills. Offering these courses through Udemy expands access into these organisations and provides significant growth opportunities for their employees.

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