Launch A Podcast In 5 Days

Learn podcast hosting, publish & promote podcasts on Spotify. Plus: take your podcast to the next level. Manish Sharma enrolled and said “Amazing! The stage is set, I am going to get this done. Thank you!”

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast? Do you have an existing brand and would like to add a podcast so that you increase credibility and grow your audience? You’ve probably looked at some podcast courses or how-to videos. Possibly the courses are too long and involved which makes you feel like you can’t get through it. Or the videos deal with just one aspect and don’t give you the whole picture and the full process

Enrol now: Launch A Podcast In 5 Days – A beginner’s guide to podcasting

Over a 5 day period I will take you step by step through setting up and launching your first podcast. This course is for people who love podcasts but are beginners in audio production. Learn how to set up your podcast in Anchor.FM, plan your episodes, record and produce and lastly launch and promote. Perhaps you already have a YouTube channel and a website for your brand and you’ve always thought that podcasts require more advanced skills and experience.

Learn how a podcast can be as easy as any other free and easy digital channel, as long as you have the right tools and someone to show you exactly what to do. Or perhaps you see podcasts as a way of launching into a new audience and starting your journey of building a brand and getting your message across.

Enrol now: Launch A Podcast In 5 Days – A beginner’s guide to podcasting

I started my own podcast 2 years ago and developed the tips and techniques that you will learn in this course. But regardless of the tips and tricks you will learn, the most important thing is to get going, which you can always improve later on. Don’t delay; by this time next week you could have your own podcast, but you have to Take Action.

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