The CFA isn’t hard

It’s HOW you prepare for it that makes it hard. Jhan Burger has converted his 15 years CFA experience into a range of CFA “Smart Tips” online courses to help you achieve your CFA dreams

Most prep material providers use a linear teaching system… You have to read through pages, drowning in content and details, making it extremely difficult to remember what you are expected to on exam day.

Now you can learn CFA in a different way

Tackling the CFA’s vast curriculum can be an absolute mountain to climb, but we definitely made the material much more accessible and the whole preparation process much easier. Our online courses compress difficult and complex subject into memorable and easy to understand concepts. We managed to keep such a long and dense curriculum approachable and interesting. You will watch straight to the point and enjoyable videos so you can learn key material as well as powerful memory tricks to retain what you need for exam day.

Focus on the hardest areas

We breakdown complex study content into easy to understand concepts so you will be able to get to grips with content that had previously seemed impossible in self-study. By focusing on key areas and linking theoretical concepts to reality, your understanding of the different concepts will significantly increase. We give you strategies that will help you understand the most complex area of the program and transforming the complex study into easy to understand stuff. We provide you with unique and unparalleled ability to transpose complex and difficult topic areas into easy to understand building blocks.

Focus your limited time

We can help you cover a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time without compromising on quality and understanding. We do more than just going through the materials and explain concepts… we provide you with studying techniques, revision strategies and time saving creative methodologies to help you maximise the time you have to spend mastering this curriculum. What you will get are powerful videos giving you sharp, concise and straight to the point explanations that will allow you to connect the right dots in no time and truly accelerate your understanding of the most tricky parts of the program so you get laser-focused on what’s important on exam day.

Learn Smart Tips For Ethics & Conduct

A unique teaching style

The Visual Method we’re going to introduce you is much easier to understand compared to the text books. By combining mnemonic devices, clever Tips & Tricks, analogies, storytelling, colourful schemes, acronyms and mnemonics (all with good humour), you will learn and retain the syllabus easily, in a fun, informative and engaging way. This will help you sit for the exam with confidence, knowing that you can recall everything.

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